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Famous Real Estate Agents

Posted by admin on March 25, 2021
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Famous Real Estate Agents

Achieving success has always been everyone’s dream but not everyone becomes able to fulfil this dream. Because the path you choose for achieving success decides whether you are going to reach your destination or you will change your goal midway. Nobody earns success overnight, it’s not a game for a day or two. People invest their lives in creating an image and achieving their dream. To be successful is not just a matter of luck but solely depends upon the hard work, the dedication you invest upon that path you have chosen to see yourself successful.

Especially when it comes to being successful in any specific market you need to learn a lot of things before seeing yourself among those who you inspire to be. Every market possesses different kinds of competition, targets diverse classes of people or the audience, and the frequency of the flow of work. Every market retains different traits. 

If you belong to the real estate market, know the famous real estate agents, and want to become successful like those famous real estate agents then you have to be consistent and have to adopt a lot of attributes in your personality that are the common mannerisms successful people carry. You have to test and apply your skills while working on them to polish them and believe in them. We have compiled a list of the most successful and famous real estate agents in the US, you can read their common traits and characteristics. Especially what keeps them motivated throughout their careers has made them successful famous real estate agents, how they get good real estate listings and how they ended up featured in various articles on the internet just like this article. 

The Duo

They are the very popular brothers and the most famous real estate agents in the market who never say no to work and make their own ways to bring out the results. They love to work in their unique way by breaking the odds and making unhappening happen. They are the amazing Matt and Josh Altman. In the sales record of 2017, they secured even more than $400 million. The real estate listings of them include $24.4 million Bradbury Estates Property and $17.8 million Bel Air Crest Mansion of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West. The fantastic mates also establish a Redondo Beach Record $2.65 million deal through Instagram marketing and using pragmatic pricing.

The Guy Who Started With $120

The guy is Santiago Arana who is a Bolivian aboriginal. The guy started his career with only $120 in 2003 when he came to the US. He has always inspired people by telling his Horatio Alger story to summits held at Skirball Cultural Center and never fails in leaving them amazed. He is the one who has enacted the prominent position for bringing Los Angeles’ new king. He developed a $23 million brand new build and was also the real estate listings agent on LeBron James’ Brentwood residence. Whenever he tells people about his struggle and tells them about the stories he has faced they always ask what is the formula behind getting so many listings that are great also and he always replies that there is no classified formula behind it, it’s just how you execute your idea and ends up being famous real estate agents list.

He Loves Challenging Deals

He is Ernie Carswell. He gets a kick in facing challenging deals. When he was new to the market he speculated that he will be going to bang the market of Los Angeles in the upcoming two years but he never knew that the market is way more intricate and detailed. His tremendous accomplishment from 2018 was the sale that one could only dream of which was for his prior company to Douglas Elliman just as the Brady Bunch House that had $1.85 million starting price but Carswell made it sold for $3.5 million that is not a difficult case for him. He mentioned, when he was dealing with the real estate listings of Brady Bunch house in Encino he got thousands of emails within hours from every corner of the world that seemed a “wild ride” to him and made him a famous real estate agent. 

The Man Who Commemorated $600 Million

He is the one who sets up Investor Richard Weintraub’s 6.3-acre compound located above Malibu Colony for sale which once has been rented by Beyonce and Jay Z. He is Chris Cortazzo. He commemorated $600 million in the year 2017. The NBCU vice chairman Ron Meyer’s Malibu home which was proposed in June for $125 is also on the off-market list of Chris Cortazzo. Famous real estate agents like Chris Cortazzo always end up with such tremendous real estate listings.

The Historic Gem Lover

Mr Mike Deasy owns a company that looks subtle, domestic, and possesses flamboyance but never fails to bring out attention to the clients like Jerry Bruckheimer. He is an urban planner and one of the most famous real estate agents who has a team of 87 agents, get delighted on such a project of a $300,000 Harwell Harris home while feeling equally ecstatic for a project of a $30 million house. He is a junkie for the sites that are distinctly architected and possess historical gems. The speciality of my Mike Deasy is such kinds of sites. In June he successfully sold the study home of Brentwood Case for $11.5 million. He always has a record of having stunning real estate listings

The Versatile One

He is the one when it comes to dealing with a versatile range of property types. He is Drew Fenton who has sold Sierra Towers condo to Hewlett-Packard who was the CEO of Meg Whitman for $6.5 million. The most anticipated hit of the market for the upcoming year which everyone already knows will be the Nile Niami’s One development for $500 million, the late Jerry Perenchio’s estate and the Chatwood $350 million listing has been held by Drew Fenton. He is one of the famous real estate agents in his niche and always comes up with his kind of real estate listings.

The most famous real estate agents with their tremendous achievements and having diverse kinds of real estate listings have been listed but there are a lot more famous real estate agents in the market working hard for getting mentioned in such lists and becoming competitive with the current famous real estate agents and their incredible achievements.


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