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How To Write A Creative Real Estate Description-Words That Sells

Posted by admin on March 15, 2021
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How To Write A Creative Real Estate Description-Words That Sells

Are there any real estate listings near me? This is the basic question that pops into people’s mind when they are looking for a good Real estate agent. Browsing for Real estate listings online is the first step when people want to sell, purchase or rent a property. A good agent not only provides clients and customers with the best listings and services but also puts extra effort into creating a compelling and captivating listing description that attracts people’s attention. If people are not inspired by your writing style, they easily switch to another website. The better your listing description is, the higher your odds are to get more clients.

Here are some strategies that you must follow while writing one:


Your opening statement must grab the reader’s attention. Include the points which the clients want to consider and ask when buying a property. Add in details regarding its features, price and everything which represents your property well and immediately paint the picture in the reader’s minds. Also, add an eye-catching headline to make your description stand out.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Do not exaggerate and lie. Always be honest and accurate in what you are selling, this will not only gain the reader’s trust but also help you achieve more potential clients. Furthermore, don’t shy away from sharing the flaws and issues the property contains. Add in some repair services to secure your deal.

Basic Information

Highlight the basic features of your property to attract readers. Add some basic and juicy information that the customers are looking for, for example, a number of rooms, the vibe of the surrounding area, your home’s entertainment potential, style and look of your home, upgrades and repairs, perks etc.

Moreover include neighbourhood features too for instance, nearby parks, local attractions, walking tracks, nearest schools, hospitals, malls etc. to ensure the readers that your property is surrounded by all the basic necessities. Also, don’t forget to mention your email address and contact number to help you connect with your clients.

Choose Adjectives Smartly

Choosing the correct adjective in your description is crucial. Be specific and simple in your vocabulary selection. Include adjectives that are emotionally stirring and words that people easily understand and relate to. Do not use jargons. But if you are still not sure what to write, you may take suggestions from your experienced fellow agents and take inspiration from already published descriptions and writing resources available online.

Take Notice Of Grammar

Avoid making simple grammatical errors that can spoil your overall presentation. Include words that add value to your description, for example, luxurious, landscape, comfy, cosy etc. Avoid the red flag words that may create a negative impression in the reader’s minds. Use effective online writing tools to correct your grammatical errors. Furthermore, do edit and proofread before publishing any content.


Have amazing pictures on your website along with the description to visually attract potential buyers and customers. Use a professional camera or hire a professional photographer for the purpose.

Special Offer

If you want to sell your listing fast, you must include special promotions, offers and discounts to add weightage to your description. There are also many brokers and companies out there who take zero commissions for example Match Realty.

Lastly, conclude with a call to action, for example:

‘This house is only available for the early birds, Call Now 


‘First come, first serve’ Hurry up. Etc.

These little tactics will definitely help you in writing an outstanding description.


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